Construction and Agricultural Machinery:
for Heavy-Duty Jobs

Long-Term Protection for Machinery Subject to Heavy Stresses.

Machines, equipment, and vehicles for the construction and agricultural sectors are designed for heavy work. The steel structures of cranes and other heavy machine components, tractors, and plows, concrete mixers and more are exposed to harsh climatic conditions and high mechanical stresses.

IGP’s extremely weather and abrasion-resistant powder coatings are the right choice here. In salt-spray, mechanical, and weathering tests, they have proven their excellent weathering resistance and extreme robustness. The wide range of different surfaces and shades in our range gives you the necessary scope to finish your machinery and equipment in your own specific corporate design.

Corrosion Protection
Chemical Resistance
Electrically Conductive

A Suitable Choice of our Products


Weather-resistant, low-temperature powder coatings.


Super durable, robust powder coatings for lasting protection of façades.


Powder coating primer for aluminum and steel with good UV resistance.

Low Temperature: Energy Saving

Powder Coatings for Cost-Effective Coating of Vehicle Bodies.

Our low-temperature powder coatings for construction and agricultural machinery, vehicles, and equipment give you a whole series of benefits compared to conventional powder coatings. These products let you coat even large, solid bodywork components and other parts in an energy-efficient process, and permanently protect them from external influences.

Their curing windows from 150°C guarantee optimum coating results while reducing your costs and electricity usage when coating your equipment and machines. The coated surfaces meet the highest aesthetic demands and ensure lasting value, including for re-selling and leasing. They retain their high quality even when subjected to frequent cleaning with high-pressure devices and chemical cleaning agents.


Corrosion Protection: Proof Against Construction Site Stresses

Retain the Value of your Investments in Machinery and Equipment.

Construction and agricultural vehicles, machinery and equipment are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. On construction sites, roads, and fields, they are at threat from chemicals, salt, and aggressive construction materials such as cement, which can damage the surfaces and enable pitting corrosion.

The IGP-KORROPRIMER system permanently protects equipment, machines, and vehicle components made of steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum from corrosion. Even aluminum is at risk from filiform corrosion. Our single-coat and two-coat systems have proven their excellent corrosion protection in endurance tests and are certified by independent institutions. Therefore, they can play a significant role in preserving the value of your machines and equipment.


Chemical Resistance: Construction Site Resistance

High Resistance to Cleaning Agents, Construction Materials, and Fertilizers.

The harsh conditions that machines, tools, and vehicles face in agriculture and construction often create daunting challenges for their designers.

IGP’s cost-effective and environment-conscious powder coatings sustainably increase the durability of your construction and agricultural machinery. Their resistance to chemicals means they are impervious to cleaning agents and chemical reactions, e.g., caused by fertilizers, construction materials such as cement, and salts. Our powder coatings provide lasting protection for surfaces and ensure they retain their gloss level, shade, and haptic quality. The IGP-DURAclean® effect repels dirt and ensures longer cleaning intervals.


Electrically Conductive: Where Safety Counts

Powder Coatings that Prevent Electrostatic Charging Protect your Machines.

On the construction site, occupational safety is a top priority. Electrostatic charging of machinery, equipment, and vehicle components can be a safety risk and cause costly downtimes.

IGP supplies specially developed powder coatings with antistatic properties for your vehicle and machine components. They effectively protect machinery against electrostatic charges, increasing both safety and the service life of equipment, while also minimizing downtimes.


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