Furniture Design and Fittings: Top Quality

Convincing Surfaces with Exquisite Haptics for High-End Designs.

Love at first sight? The first impression is critical in terms of a product’s appeal and often drives the purchasing decision. Whether designer furniture or kitchen units, the right surface completes high-end products.

IGP powder coatings for furniture and fittings meet the high demands for premium products. They not only look great, but also provide attractive haptic qualities, from smooth to fine-textured. Their protective effect boosts the durability of well-made products. As a manufacturer of furniture and fittings, you’ll find the ideal powder coatings from IGP that palpably and visibly convey the quality of your products to your customers.

Icon für Ästethik der IGP Pulverlacke: Auge | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
Icon für IGP-RAPID® Pulverlack: Männchen mit Schutzbrille | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
Icon für robust, Kratzbeständigkeit der IGP Pulverlacke: Nagel trifft auf Boden | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
Icon für chemische Beständigkeit der IGP Pulverlacke: 3 ineinandergreifende Kreise mit Haken daneben | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
Chemical Resistance
Icon für IGP-Effectives®: drei unterschiedliche Sterne | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
IGP – Effectives®
Icon für geschützte Farben von Le Corbusier als Pulverlack: Abzeichen | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
LCS – Le Corbusier

A Suitable Choice of our Products


Powder coatings in a wide range of colors and surface finishes.


Scratch-resistant powder coatings for low curing temperatures.


Highly reactive single-coat powder coatings for seamless, all-round coating.

Aesthetics: Quality you Can Ceel

Powder Coatings that Give your Furniture and Fittings the Perfect Finish.

IGP powder coatings for furniture and fittings impress with their colors and gloss levels – from velvet-matte to high-gloss – as well as their haptic qualities. The range includes fine textures and unrivalled smooth surfaces that are exquisite to the touch.

Surfaces coated with these products are especially easy to clean and can endure frequent cleaning without any damage to the coating.


IGP-RAPID®: Coatings for New Designs

The Powder Coatings for Furniture Made from Modern, Sought-After Materials.

Increasingly, today’s lightweight components and furniture are made from wood-based materials such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and glass-fiber-reinforced plastics (GFRP). Until now, powder coatings achieved unsatisfactory results on these materials.

IGP-RAPID® is our latest innovation: high-performance powder coatings for materials that create design trends. Their low-temperature processing with curing windows from 130°C and curing times of 3 minutes is unrivalled on the market. They also enable all-round coating. You can design any profile shape because narrow sides and large surfaces can be coated in a single pass. The extremely short curing times for single-coat systems, plus high chemical and mechanical resistance, ensure cost-effective, eco-friendly coating.

These coatings stand for remarkable aesthetic and haptic quality: The fine textures and high value of the surfaces are palpable at a touch.


Robust: Lasting Value Retention

Premium Surface Finishing for High-Quality Furniture.

Metal furniture is extremely popular in offices and industrial environments. Now it is increasingly used in private homes. High-quality furniture made of metal is durable, functional, and characterized by a clean, unfussy design.

The quality on the inside also demands quality on the outside. IGP powder coatings are the right choice. They sustainably increase the material toughness and abrasion resistance of your products and underline their quality. What’s more, the variety of gloss levels, shades, and haptic effects gives you practically limitless design freedom.


Chemical Resistance: Quality Retention

High Resistance to Cleaning Agents and Soiling.

Furniture and fittings are handled far more often than, for example, façades or machine components. This intensive use means they are highly susceptible to wear. That’s why producers demand highly durable coating solutions, particularly for objects that are frequently cleaned.

IGP powder coatings increase the long-term resilience of your products. Their chemical resistance makes them impervious to cleaning agents. Coated surfaces are less susceptible to damage and retain their quality in terms of gloss level, shade, and haptics. Thanks to the IGP-DURAclean® effect, they repel dirt and don’t need to be cleaned as often.


IGP-Effectives®: Coatings with Special Effects

High Optical Depth and Consistent Quality.

IGP-Effectives® is our patented, unique process that completely bonds effect particles to the powder grains. Especially when it comes to designer objects, furniture, and fittings, any shade alterations and quality differences are obvious at a glance.

IGP-Effectives® guarantee cloud-free effect distribution and consistent shades. Direct bonding of the effect particles to the powder grain gives surfaces beautiful optical depth. You can choose from a large variety of effects, from sandy textures to mica. This opens up vast scope when it comes to coating designer furniture.


LCS: Exclusive Colors for your Furniture

Globally Unique: the Protected Colors of Le Corbusier as Powder Coatings.

Le Corbusier was not only a groundbreaking architect, but also a designer of timeless, iconic furniture. He also developed a color theory for objects and architecture which is unmatched in its purist simplicity and harmonious effect.

IGP recreates 63 Le Corbusier colors in the form of rich, matte powder coatings in top quality. The colors open up an application area that gives designer objects made of metal or wood-based materials a unique impact. With these products, we present the globally exclusive colors of Les Couleurs Suisse AG, a licensee of the Fondation Le Corbusier (

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