The Colors of Le Corbusier

Globally Exclusive: Powder Coatings in the Protected Colors of Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier is recognized as one of the key architects of modern times. He dedicated his work to visionary architecture as well as to art and the design of timeless, iconic furniture. One of his most famous and instantly recognizable classic pieces is the LC2 armchair.

Le Corbusier also developed a purist chromatic system for objects and architecture. This impressive palette creates harmony between selected colors. The system combines shades from nature with the psychological and spatial effects of specific colors. Coloration, space, and proportions are perfectly balanced.

IGP recreates 63 Le Corbusier colors in the form of rich, matte powder coatings in top quality. The colors open up a unique spectrum for coating façades and objects in metal, wood, and wood-based materials. The coated surfaces fascinate with their harmony and vibrancy.

Benefit from a unique color repertoire. The protected Le Corbusier colors are available in the form of powder coatings exclusively from IGP. This is due to our partnership with Les Couleurs Suisse AG, a licensee of the Fondation Le Corbusier (

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