IGP-DURA®one 5607E-A3


Silk gloss low-temperature powder coating with attractive flow and good weather stability based on saturated polyester and declaration-free hardener.

IGP-DURA®one 5607 in its silk gloss surface finish is an all-round powder coating for the coating of metallic components. With good weather stability and fast-reactive crosslinking behavior, it is a sustainable and energy-efficient coating solution for both industrial and architectural applications. The coating powders are available in a wide range of colors and effects.

  • Characteristics
    • Silk gloss
    • Smooth flow
    • Pearl mica
    • Standard facade quality,
      1 year Florida > 50% residual gloss
  • Curing conditions
    160 °C15 minutes30 minutes
    170 °C10 minutes20 minutes
    180 °C5 minutes15 minutes
    190 °C3 minutes10 minutes
    In order to determine ideal curing conditions, we recommend practical trials with the respective object and curing oven.