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GSB International
Franziskanergasse 6
D-73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd
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Postfach 1507
CH-8027 Zürich
Phone +41 (0)43 305 09 98
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RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V.
Siegburger Straße 39
D-53757 Sankt Augustin
Phone +49 (0)22 411 605 0
Fax     +49 (0)22 411 605 11
International IGP Locations

  • Immerse into the colors of the world
    The world is color. Water, soil, air, forests, oceans, meadows, fruit, mountains. But also streets, cities, factories, machines, houses. Every living environment, every object is composed of its own distinctive shades of color.
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  • Leadership Training
    What is good leadership, how should we treat people, and what management style do we want at IGP Powder Coatings? These were the topics the participants in our Leadership Training course examined.
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  • Third time lucky!
    We are back! At the third attempt, the POWDER IGP ON TOUR roadshow is now on the road across Europe. The team has already toured Switzerland and Poland, and our truck is currently driving to various customers and partners in Austria.
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IGP Pulverbeschichtung: Pulverlacke für Architektur, Industrie, Transport und Holzwerkstoffe