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IGP-HWFclassic series 59 - S


In April of this year, we introduced the IGP-HWFclassic S-Types at the PaintExpo trade fair. As a result of our experiences with the pilot product IGP-DURA®face 5807-S, which was introduced in 2016, we and our customers had high expectations with regard to the new products' robust qualities, which were exceeded in every respect.

The increased scratch resistance can be seen using relatively simple methods and helps companies to ensure safe use of coated surfaces during handling, assembly and basic cleaning. It also allows other relevant properties to be strengthened and optimised at the same time:

Exceptional stability with regard to weathering and storage in humid conditions, significantly exceeding the respective certifications
As before, both the matt and silk gloss product groups can be combined above 20' 170°, and also offer stable gloss values with different temperature, tension and coating thickness combinations.
In addition, we have made the flow even more appealing

If you are already using IGP powder from the IGP-HWFclassic 5903/5907 F-Type product groups, you do not need to be concerned about colour consistency. However, we recommend that you do not mix existing stocks of the F-Type with the newly formulated S-Types in order to avoid any deviations from the desired gloss. The matt products have been adjusted to produce a “matter” finish than the previous versions (17–33 R'/60°, instead of 25–35 R'/60°) in line with the trend towards elegant, increasingly matt surfaces.

Please therefore test our new product – we look forward to receiving your assessment.

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