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Championing climate protection – out of pure conviction

You will already know that the coating powders produced by IGP Pulvertechnik AG achieve superb results in quality tests.

But that’s not all!

In recognition of its excellent achievements in the area of energy efficiency, the company’s largest production site in Wil (Switzerland) – also home to the head office – has just been awarded a certificate by EnAW (Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector).

IGP has been voluntarily participating in the EnAW programme since 2013. This means that it has committed itself to certain targets that focus on gradually increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

An ambitious energy efficiency target has been set for IGP Pulvertechnik AG: an increase in efficiency of 20% over the next ten years, which represents an annual reduction of around 95,000 kWh/a. That is equivalent to 20 times the amount of electricity consumed by the average four-person household in a year. By the end of the programme, the company is set to be making annual savings of around 1,000,000 kWh/a (compared with 2013) as of 2023.

As well as reducing its electricity consumption, IGP has also managed to more than halve its natural gas requirements. As a result, seven fewer tonnes of CO2 are now being emitted (compared to 2013) annually.

In addition to the efforts that are being made internally, a great deal of importance is also being attached to energy efficiency when developing products. For example, IGP powder coatings support ever lower cross-linking temperatures, which is better for nature and the environment during application.

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