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At last - summer is coming. While most people enjoy sunny weather, hot and humid conditions significantly affect gloss and colour stability on e.g. powder coated facade parts. That’s why we work tirelessly to improve the formulas of our powder coatings for even better results.
We are particularly pleased to inform you about an upgrade of our IGP-HWFclassic 591T parkour. This product is now available with improved properties.
We can also report progress in the coating of oversized items. New developments mean it is time to forget former disadvantages of powder coatings compared to wet coatings. Find out more in the report about coating XXL items in one of Europe’s most modern coating plants. We’re ready for the future.
We hope you are inspired and enjoy reading this issue.

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International IGP Locations

  • System coating project – Stadler/BLS
    System coating solutions deliver shade accuracy and good looks
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  • IGP Powder Coatings in Dublin
    IGP-DURA®xal 42 classic 35 and IGP-HWFclassic Young Bronze are now a stunning feature of a building complex in Dublin. The prestigious project consists of 7 buildings, and 17 IGP coatings were used on them.
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  • Emissions check for IGP Powder Coatings
    One of the test criteria for all major building certification programs is measurement of the possible emissions from a surface into the surrounding environment.
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