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New image world and message

Brands need a "face" because people think in images.

For the most part, we humans think, feel and perceive in images. This is a fact that remains unchanged. A scientifically proven principle also remains true: it is easier for brands that are projected with strong images to develop relationships and secure long-term customer loyalty.

At IGP, everything revolves around high-quality surface coatings. As a pioneer of powder coatings and an innovation leader, IGP is not only a manufacturer and supplier but also – first and foremost – a solution-focused international partner that stays close to its customers. Apart from product expertise, the attributes that make IGP stand out from the rest are high service quality and commitment to deliver top performance. IGP's brand promise aims to reduce the positioning, values and approach of the IGP brand into one single concentrated statement:

There is an answer for every surface. IGP FOR SURE

International IGP Locations

  • System coating project – Stadler/BLS
    System coating solutions deliver shade accuracy and good looks
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  • IGP Powder Coatings in Dublin
    IGP-DURA®xal 42 classic 35 and IGP-HWFclassic Young Bronze are now a stunning feature of a building complex in Dublin. The prestigious project consists of 7 buildings, and 17 IGP coatings were used on them.
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  • Emissions check for IGP Powder Coatings
    One of the test criteria for all major building certification programs is measurement of the possible emissions from a surface into the surrounding environment.
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