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IGP Powder Coatings in Dublin

Dublin Landings, designed by ARROW Architects, is the central element in the redevelopment of the city’s docklands. The growth of a dynamic labor force demanded a completely new, integrated approach to living and working in Dublin.


Striking architecture and inspired landscaping put Dublin Landings in a league of its own. Comprising just under 100,000 m2 of office space, apartments, and shops, Dublin Landings in Ireland’s capital city is part of a completely new city quarter. It is also home to the Central Bank of Ireland. 


The influx of people, energy, and ideas will make Dublin Landings a thriving center for trade, innovation, and perfect living spaces for the people who work there and form a vibrant community.


Some two years ago, IGP Powder Coatings resolved to manufacture textured metallic coatings in an ultra-tough version. This resulted in the effect powder coatings IGP-DURA®xal 42 classic 35 and IGP-HWFclassic Young Bronze.


Dublin Landings was the first project to use these two IGP coatings. It consists of 7 buildings which were finished with 17 IGP coatings.

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  • IGP Powder Coatings in Dublin
    IGP-DURA®xal 42 classic 35 and IGP-HWFclassic Young Bronze are now a stunning feature of a building complex in Dublin. The prestigious project consists of 7 buildings, and 17 IGP coatings were used on them.
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