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Low-temperature powder coating: the ideal coating for wood-based materials and sensitive substrates

Wood, MDF and HDF are commonly used for the production of furniture and everyday objects, and these materials are becoming increasingly important. MDF products in particular are increasingly prevalent in modern furniture construction, where freedom of design and color are essential requirements. Coating with IGP-RAPID® gives you unlimited scope to express your color visions. The coated objects also benefit from long-lasting protection against moisture and external influences.

With seamless all-round coating, IGP-RAPID® can live up to its full potential by creating a surface finish that is both visually and haptically appealing. This enables both the narrow edges and the flat surface to be covered in one step and allows almost complete freedom in terms of profile design.

IGP-RAPID® powder coatings for temperature-sensitive substrates can be used both indoors and outdoors. For example, sectional door elements foamed with polyurethane can now be coated as a whole without impairing the temperature-sensitive bond between the metal shell and the PU foam. 

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  • New tutorial series for coaters
    You know the challenge you face – your customers demand flawless surfaces in consistent quality. To help you achieve this, the new IGP tutorial series includes tips and tricks on pre-treatment, the coating process, and many other topics.
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  • Low-temperature powder coating: the ideal coating for wood-based materials and sensitive substrates
    Tables, chairs, cupboards, shelves, display cabinets, kitchens – wood, MDF and HDF are widely used materials in the furniture industry and in architecture and interior design. Powder coating systems with low curing temperatures – such as IGP-RAPID® – unlock completely new possibilities here.
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  • IGP-DURA®xal – coating system with rich material character
    IGP-DURA®xal is predestined to represent Le Corbusier’s “Polychromie Architecturale” in a unique way all over the world. This is due to the unique, velvety appearance of this powder coating.
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IGP Pulverbeschichtung: Pulverlacke für Architektur, Industrie, Transport und Holzwerkstoffe