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IGP-LivingSurfaces – A Commitment To Uniqueness

In a broader sense, we view the IGP-LivingSurfaces collection as a commitment to vibrant, inhomogeneous surfaces and color nuances. IGP-LivingSurfaces powder coatings create characteristic yet individual designs that can be easily varied in terms of the texture and/or pigment distribution. Like two blocks of stone hewn from the same piece of rock, visual variations occur which combine to form an overall piece of art.

The following product categories from the IGP-LivingSurfaces series each represent one of the three available surface characteristics: “Grain structure (fine plaster)”, “Wave pattern” or “Microtexture speckles”. All IGP-LivingSurfaces product groups are classified as highly weather-resistant powder coatings.

Until now, it was only possible to achieve these structured surfaces with a two-coat system. However, highly structured systems that need to be applied in two coats often reach their limits when it comes to properly uniting segmented components after coating.

The multicolored speckle types (591TC-A11/592SC-A10) exhibit a fine microstructure, can now be applied as a single coat, and produce an interplay of colors that is every bit as vibrant as our variant with coarse grain structures.

We are now delighted to offer multi-colored, textured powder coating surfaces as a single-coat system that ensures an even more precise fit for difficult-to-coat workpieces, such as window frames and joints as well as “press-fit” joined elements, e.g., window casements/glazing fixtures.

International IGP Locations

  • Le Corbusier’s “Polychromie Architecturale”
    IGP Powder Coatings is the first choice when it comes to reproducing Le Corbusier’s “Polychromie Architecturale” in a unique way all over the world. The specific product for this is IGP-DURA®xal powder coating.  IGP-DURA®xal creates the unique, velvety look of matt metal.
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    This year, IGP Powder Coatings and DOLD AG are once again industrial partners of the BESSER LACKIEREN Award. With the award, they promote further development and growth in industrial coating technology.
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  • The world’s most famous children’s slide  
    Jupiduu’s timeless children’s slide, which is coated with IGP-RAPID®complete 88, took the world by storm. So much so that Jupiduu is now the most famous children’s slide in the world.
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