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AGORA Pôle de recherche sur le cancer

"AGORA Pôle de recherche sur le cancer" in Lausanne provides working and research spaces for 400 scientists and practitioners under one roof. The new research center, which overlooks Lake Geneva, covers a total area of 22,500 m2.

The main focus was on creating a comprehensive, holistic design concept for the work and communication spaces within the cancer research center.

One of the requirements was to bring daylight into the depths of the building. Thanks to an optimal building skin and the right coating, this requirement was met successfully.

IGP-DURA®face 5803E73925A10 Pearly Haze powder coating was used to ensure optimal sun protection. IGP-DURA®face 5803A70100A10 powder coating was chosen for the façade profiles. The IGP-DURA®face range is characterized not only by its stable performance as a paint film, but also by its process reliability as well as a wide range of variants that is unique in the industry.

The building’s designers, Behnisch Architekten, have clearly succeeded in their aim of harmonizing the building with nature in an urban environment.

The AGORA area is a public space within the cancer research center. It connects the existing pathways within the research center, as well as the campus pathways, to the laboratory and office level. The latter includes networked communication areas and informal workstations.

The atrium, the main entrance to the building, features public meeting spaces as well as a distinctive design that allows for exceptional events.

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  • AGORA Pôle de recherche sur le cancer
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