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Third time lucky!

This summer, after a long wait, we finally got the green light. Our truck is back on the road. The tour started in August in Switzerland and Poland. We are currently touring across Austria. Our journey will then continue to Germany.

Over the next few years, we will travel to various European countries to host workshops at powder coating companies. Our primary goal is to gain a better understanding of our customers’ specific needs so that we can meet their future requirements. In our workshops we will cover a range of topics, including application technology, quality requirements, innovations, and new products. This is how we will create an open and transparent platform for the exchange of professional powder coating expertise. As we travel, we are taking our customers’ and partners’ requests and wishes on board and integrating them live into POWDER IGP ON TOUR.

More information about the tour is available here.

International IGP Locations

  • Gaby keeps everything together
    Next year, Gaby Bärtschi will celebrate ten years at IGP. The qualified chemical laboratory technician loves smooth-running processes  and has a sharp eye for quality. Dull? Never!
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  • Give life more color. Let your ideas flourish.
    A shade of your choice, in dazzling hues, smooth or with the feel of sand or stone, plain or speckledà Powder coatings from IGP bring buildings, machines, and furniture to life – and create all the freedom you need to let your ideas flourish.
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  • A sustainable future
    Sustainability and careful use of resources continue to grow in importance at IGP Powder Coatings. Which is why we’ve come up with something special this Christmas. We wish you happy holidays and a very Happy New Year.
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