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From 2022: New IGP Color Collections

The new collections include suitable shades for every application. While some shades are specifically geared towards architecture, the more unusual shades offer room for inspiration for sophisticated design objects.

The new IGP color cards each contain eight coordinated shades and feature a classic, minimalist design. However, the aluminum chips coated with powder coating – i.e. the shades themselves – are the real focus here. The information printed on the card conveys the essentials, while full details and additional documents will be directly accessible via QR codes.

The Color Sample Cards will be available in the following series from January:

  • IGP-DURA®xal 42
  • IGP-DURA®xal 46
  • IGP-HWFclassic 59
  • IGP-HWFsuperior 57

You’re almost certain to discover the perfect shade for your latest project. Get inspired and add the new Color Sample Cards to your workflow.

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  • Give life more color. Let your ideas flourish.
    A shade of your choice, in dazzling hues, smooth or with the feel of sand or stone, plain or speckled: Powder coatings from IGP bring buildings, machines, and furniture to life – and create all the freedom you need to let your ideas flourish.
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  • A sustainable future
    Sustainability and careful use of resources continue to grow in importance at IGP Powder Coatings. Which is why we’ve come up with something special this Christmas. We wish you happy holidays and a very Happy New Year.
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  • From 2022: New IGP Color Collections
    IGP is launching new color collections to usher in the new year. Each Color Sample Card contains one color scheme and/or the same structure, gloss range, and quality. Dive right into a whole world of new color collections.
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IGP Pulverbeschichtung: Pulverlacke für Architektur, Industrie, Transport und Holzwerkstoffe