Thin-film powder coatings

A thin-film powder must be able to comply with certain technical requirements, such as not clogging fine perforations or not covering threaded bolts. For this application and numerous others suitable for this type of coating solution, the key issue is that neither the functionality nor the coating's covering power may suffer.

Thanks to a significantly more complex formula and a finer grinding compared to "standard powder coatings", these demands can be fulfilled.  The bonding agent and additive used for this purpose enable a high pigment content and ensure excellent covering power in spite of the reduced layer thickness. The finer grinding significantly reduces the coarse particle ratio in the powder which physically enables thinner layers. Powder coatings in thin-film quality combined with low energy application are available as a calorific-optimised powder coating version.

The benefits of thin-film powders

  • Precision positioning of parts/shapes
  • Reduced edge build-up
  • Savings due to lower powder usage
  • Excellent flow properties
  • Threads are not covered
  • Fine perforations, such as with ceiling panels, are not clogged

The specific need for the coating process and compliance with the corresponding parameters is a key aspect of these powder coatings. ur experts are happy to advise you.

IGP-DURA®mix 3302...T00


IGP-DURA®mix 3302...T00

Very matt and elegant surfaces. They offer you safety, batch and colour consistency with a wide range of special effects, such as thin coat solutions or heating value-optimised designs.

Product range
3302A, solid

Shade pallet
solid shades of all colour charts and by arrangement also special custom shades.

Customer benefits

  • Matt surface
  • Good elasticity
  • Very good over-curing stability
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