We go a long way for perfect effects.

IGP effect powders are highly regarded on the coating market as very process-stable, brilliant effect coatings. Special production processes are available for the incorporation of effect pigments: the economic IGP-Mica-Bond process and the gentle IGP-Premium-Bond process. In addition to these two processes, we are able to offer you a ground-breaking technology with IGP-Effectives, which impresses with maximum circulation stability and a recovery rate of minimum 90%.

Classification of IGP effect powder coatings
Correct processing is of central importance in order to ensure stable and homogeneous effect color tones. IGP Powder Coatings is a powder coatings manufacturer that classifies effect powders and provides assistance to powder coating companies. Valuable information on the recoverability of the overspray in circulation operation and details on the ideal setting of the coating system are available for orientation. A short explanation can be found in the video. The tabular overview is available on the right under "Downloads" as PDF.


International IGP Locations

  • Immerse into the colors of the world
    The world is color. Water, soil, air, forests, oceans, meadows, fruit, mountains. But also streets, cities, factories, machines, houses. Every living environment, every object is composed of its own distinctive shades of color.
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  • Third time lucky!
    We are back! At the third attempt, the POWDER IGP ON TOUR roadshow is now on the road across Europe. The team has already toured Switzerland and Poland, and our truck is currently driving to various customers and partners in Austria.
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  • German Embassy, Belgrade
    In March 2020, the new German Embassy building in Belgrade, Serbia, opened its doors. The building stands out for its exceptional architecture. For this unique construction project, IGP Powder Coatings was chosen to supply the powder coating. In addition to the windows and doors, many other components were coated with our bronze-colored IGP-HWFclassic 591TE powder coating.
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IGP Pulverbeschichtung: Pulverlacke für Architektur, Industrie, Transport und Holzwerkstoffe