Wood and wooden materials

Powder coating of MDF has made a name for itself in some industries in the segment of high quality, ecological and health-safe products. Freedom of design and colour play an increasingly important role.
Powder coatings from IGP can show their full potential here to create a new visual and haptic surface The seamless, all-round coating enables the narrow edge and surface to be covered in one step and allows almost complete freedom for profile design.
Today, IGP already offers you various powder coating solutions for this promising market. A system structure consisting of two coats. Of a primer (IGP-RAPIDprimer), which compensates for the “living” properties of the substrate and a decorative and functional top coat (IGP-RAPIDtop), with very good chemical and mechanical properties.
The latest development from IGP is an “all in one” solution. A product (IGP-RAPIDcomplete) in a single coat structure with extremely short curing times, which has both the flexibility of the primer and the high chemical and mechanical resistance of the existing top coats.



  • IGP-RAPIDprimer 13

    Highly reactive primer with very good elastic properties for priming of alternative substrates.

  • IGP-RAPIDtop 38

    Structured low temperature top coat for the perfect surface finish.

  • IGP-RAPIDcomplete 88

    Highly reactive single-coat powder for alternative substrates.

International IGP Locations

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  • Immerse into the colors of the world
    The world is color. Water, soil, air, forests, oceans, meadows, fruit, mountains. But also streets, cities, factories, machines, houses. Every living environment, every object is composed of its own distinctive shades of color.
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  • Third time lucky!
    We are back! At the third attempt, the POWDER IGP ON TOUR roadshow is now on the road across Europe. The team has already toured Switzerland and Poland, and our truck is currently driving to various customers and partners in Austria.
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