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The sun canopy at the adidas World of Sports ARENA

More than two tonnes of the effect powder IGP-HWFclassic 5903E73925F10 (Pearly Haze) were used to coat the facility’s ingenious sun protection system. This powder coating successfully meets the project’s diverse and challenging requirements. Thanks to an outstanding collaboration with “Behnisch Architekten”, the powder coating was well received by the customer and now discreetly enhances the system’s slats.

A requirement for the sun protection concept was that the influx of daylight through the slats is as unobstructed as possible. In order to counteract excessive reflections and a resulting unpleasant glare, a medium-light shade was chosen. Aesthetically, the color of the sun canopy contrasts sharply with the dark glass facade behind it and adds to the building’s overall visual character. The gloss level of the surface coating was carefully selected to ensure it is unobtrusive inside the building, while still accentuating its shimmering appearance.

Ultimately, the project partners agreed on the powder coating IGP-HWFclassic 5903E73925F10 (Pearly Haze) with a gloss level of 30. The spectrum of the reflected daylight remains almost unchanged and therefore true to nature.

The adidas World of Sports ARENA is the gateway and main entrance to the campus of the Group’s corporate headquarters. Visible even from a distance at its Herzogenaurach location in Germany, the building’s sculptural architecture is designed to underline the adidas brand’s passion for sports.

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