Low-Temperature Coatings: The Energy-Saving Solution

Reduced Energy Costs, Shorter Throughput Times.

Energy costs are exploding, concern about the environment is growing. These factors make energy-efficient powder coatings increasingly important. IGP low-temperature powder coatings meet challenging requirements for sustainable, durable coatings. They stand out thanks to convenient curing windows from 130°C and guarantee optimum coating results.

IGP low-temperature powder coatings cut your energy costs for curing and simultaneously reduce throughput times in production. In our range you’ll find the ideal powder coatings for interior and exterior applications. They meet high standards in terms of aesthetic appeal and function, and can also withstand regular cleaning with no loss of quality.

  • Exterior Applications in Industry

    In the past, curing temperatures of up to 180 °C made it impossible to efficiently coat large components, attachments, and body parts for trucks, cranes, machines, agricultural vehicles, and wind turbine segments.

    Which is why we developed low-temperature powder coatings for surfaces in exterior settings. They are better for the environment, save energy, and reduce manufacturing times because they can be cured at temperatures as low as 150 °C. Therefore they are among the most cost-effective and sustainable types of coating. As a manufacturer, you benefit from significantly lower energy costs and faster throughput times in your production process.

  • Heat-Sensitive Substrates – from Wood to Plastics

    Powder coatings are commonly applied to metal components as one of the best ways to protect objects by means of tough yet highly attractive surfaces.

    For decades, IGP has been working intensively on further developing powder coating technology. We have also been instrumental in creating powder coating solutions for heat-sensitive substrates such as solid wood, composites, and MDF. The powder coatings we have specifically developed for this area are durable, sustainable alternatives to wet paints.

  • Ein Pulverlacksystem für alle Bedürfnisse - IGP-DURA®one 56

    IGP-DURA®one 56 ist die erste gütezertifizierte, hochreaktive Produktserie, welche es ermöglicht die Objekttemperaturen zu senken oder die Durchlaufzeit im Ofen zu beschleunigen. Die ausgezeichnete Überbrennstabilität sorgt für Sicherheit. Mit IGP-DURA®one 56 kann der Beschichtungsprozess wirtschaftlich und nachhaltig optimiert werden.

    IGP Powder Coatings lanciert mit IGP-DURA®one 56 die erste gütezertifizierte, hochreaktive Produktserie. Das Sortiment ermöglicht, die Objekttemperaturen zu senken oder die Prozessgeschwindigkeit zu steigern. Energieeinsparungen können auf diese Weise wirtschaftlich und nachhaltig realisiert werden. Die hohe Überbrennstabilität der Pulverlacke sorgt zugleich für Prozesssicherheit. Der Einsatz von IGP-DURA®one 56 vereinfacht gerade für Beschichtungsunternehmen mit mehreren Pulverlieferanten die Produktionsplanung. Deshalb heisst es «Keep cool, take one!» – ein Pulverlacksystem für alle Bedürfnisse.


A Suitable Choice of our Products


Silk gloss, low-temperature powder coating with a coarse texture.


Low-temperature primer for use on thick-walled substrates.


Silk gloss, weather-resistant, low-temperature powder coating.

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