The Right Powder Coatings and Settings

Draw on our Decades of Experience for your Projects.

IGP has decades of experience. Tap into it to ensure you achieve excellent powder coating results.

IGP technical consultants are qualified experts in all aspects of powder coating. They support you with valuable recommendations for your entire coating process:

  • Optimal adjustment of your plants
  • Procurement of plants and equipment
  • Expert pretreatment
  • Coating operation and process planning
  • Optimal powder coatings for your specific project
  • Custom shade nuances and formulas for your project
  • Evaluation of defects and damage

If you’re planning new system configurations or pretreatment methods, we can also perform tests in our lab to determine whether a particular powder is suitable for the specific application. Our specialists and technicians draw on vast experience in powder coating and cooperate with renowned plant manufacturers. This makes them your ideal partners. IGP gives you professional recommendations for your work processes.

We look carefully at your goals and find new solutions to help you achieve perfect coatings. Choose the components from our service package that suit you. If you have specific questions, our experts can visit your company and support you with on-site technical advice.