You Set the Tone, We do the Rest.

On Heterogeneous Substrates, Perfectly Matched Powder and Wet Coatings Ensure a Harmonious Overall Appearance.

From machine construction to façades, trains, commercial vehicles, furniture, and many other application areas, objects are often created by combining various components, which are in turn produced by different suppliers and finished by contract coaters located all over Europe or overseas. So does this mean it is impossible to achieve a consistent and harmonious surface? Not at all!
System coating solutions from the DOLD Group deliver shade accuracy and pleasing aesthetics thanks to perfectly matched powder and wet coatings.

  • Industry

    Our coatings have what everyday life demands: robustness and durability. Without losing that certain extra something.

    Surface solutions for industrial plants and machines must withstand the most challenging conditions, while ensuring a uniform look for all components – regardless of their origin. Our system coatings are more than ready for these challenges. Our aim is to achieve the longest possible service life – even on demanding substrates such as steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals. Even with continuous use and under heavy stress.

  • Transport

    Resistant and durable for all kinds of daily use. Our coatings get you safely to your destination. Day in, day out. No matter how you travel.

    Whether by rail or road, coated surfaces pose an enormous challenge in the transport industry – regardless of whether they are coated with powder or wet coatings. Besides being constantly exposed to environmental influences such as water, dirt and UV radiation, they must also withstand mechanical stress and intensive use. Our system solution toughens every component to ensure it can meet these special requirements – while retaining lasting good looks.

  • Architecture

    Our coatings protect what you build. For day-to-day robustness and beautiful surfaces in every detail. On any material.

    The service life of a building depends largely on the durability of its outermost layer. This applies to every material used. And the construction industry is discovering more materials all the time. However, these combined elements must retain a consistent, flawless appearance over the long term, regardless of the technology used to coat them. For this reason, our system coatings combine the best possible components and are carefully matched with each other.

  • Wood

    To emphasize the strength and beauty of nature, our coatings for wood and wood-based materials become one with this traditional natural product.

    Wood is a living material. Therefore, coatings for wood must meet various requirements – depending on the application. Our coatings for wood and wood-based materials not only take into account their natural character, but also create the ideal conditions for durable and robust aesthetics.

Everything from a single source

Thanks to the powder coating expertise of IGP Pulvertechnik AG and the wet coating expertise of Dold AG, you can get everything you need from a single source. Under the umbrella of the Dold Group, around 700 employees develop and produce perfect system solutions that meet all requirements.

As the customer, you benefit from comprehensive coating solutions from a single source, including consulting and other services.
You determine the shade and design, we supply you with application-specific system solutions, perfectly matched in terms of shade, gloss, effect, and texture – for transport, industry, architecture, and the wooden-furniture industry.

  • Dold Group Services

    Embellishing, protecting, preserving value: Paints and coatings play a key role in the design of individual living, working, and recreational spaces. Dold offers a comprehensive portfolio of services based on the philosophy of a Swiss family business.

    This mindset has shaped DOLD AG since 1921 and continues to yield reliable products for architecture and industry. Our systems not only incorporate the latest technologies, but also a vast store of valuable practical knowledge and the experience gained from generations of customers and partners. You can rely on us!


  • Dold Group

    The DOLD GROUP provides the foundation for two strong companies. It unites the two industry leaders IGP Pulvertechnik AG for powder coatings and Dold AG for wet coatings.

    “Combined powder/wet coating solutions from a single source. For perfectly matched surfaces in terms of shade, gloss, effect and texture.”

    Tommy Kuster, IGP Powder Coatings Switzerland



  • «Combined powder and wet paint solutions from a single source. For perfectly matched surfaces in terms of color tone, gloss, effect and structure.»

    Tommy Kuster
    Head of Region South East | IGP Powder Coatings


Take a look at selected reference objects enhanced to perfection with IGP powder coatings. You may well find inspiration for your next project here.

  • Ansicht der Deutschen Botschaft in Belgrad: Oberflächen wurden mit Pulverlack der IGP beschichtet | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
    Treppenhaus der Deutschen Botschaft in Belgrad | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
    Treppenhaus der Deutschen Botschaft in Belgrad: Nussbaumholz wurde mit Pulverlack der IGP beschichtet | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG

    German Embassy

    Besides its unmistakable architecture, the German embassy in Serbia is also known for its bronze-colored entrance area, which blends harmoniously into the building’s walnut interior decor. This successful combination of exterior design and interior furnishings gives the embassy an inviting ambience and emphasizes its unique presence in Belgrade.