Aesthetics: Quality you can Feel

Lasting Aesthetics Combined with Permanent Protection.

Aesthetics and function are indivisibly connected. A beautiful surface should create joy. But even the most beautiful appearance is worthless if the components, furniture, or equipment look good at first, but soon lose their gloss and color, become difficult to clean, or even start to rust.

IGP develops powder coatings that give surfaces lasting good looks and long-term protection from chemical and mechanical stresses. That verifiably extends the service life of the coated products. As a manufacturer, you thus benefit by preserving the value of your investment for the long term.

With our innovative powder coatings, you can reliably coat a wide variety of substrates with premium results. Choose from a broad range of powder coatings with special technical and optical properties, gloss levels from velvet matte to high gloss, and a wide variety of surface characteristics.

Our References

  • German Embassy, Belgrade – RS | karlundp

    The German Embassy in Serbia is not only distinguished by its exceptional architecture, but also by its bronze-colored entrance area, which blends seamlessly into the building’s walnut interior decor.

  • Weinkellerei Fernand Cina, Salgesch – CH | Architektur Heinzmann

    With its artistic aluminum construction, the tasting room at the Fernand Cina winery constitutes a radical departure from the traditional architecture that characterizes the small wine village of Salgesch.

  • BLOX, Copenhagen – DK | Office for Metropolitan Architecture

    BLOX houses the Danish Architecture Center and is located directly on the shore of Copenhagen’s Slotsholmen city island, where it is exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Benefit from the matchless haptic quality of our powder coatings for furniture, equipment, façades, housings, and vehicle interiors. The range includes fine textures and unrivalled smooth surfaces that are lovely to the touch. The fine textures and high-end appeal of these surfaces are palpable at a touch.

  • Powder Coatings for Interiors

    The wide variety of applications for our powder coatings in interior environments is matched by the numerous outstanding properties of our products. For all materials, from MDF to other wood-based materials, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel, you will find the right powder coatings in our range in whatever texture, gloss level, special effects, color, and toughness you require.

    The convenient curing windows ensure top energy efficiency and reduce your processing times. Their excellent resistance to chemicals, combined with outstanding batch and color consistency, ensure they will meet your high expectations in terms of uncompromised aesthetics and function.

  • Robust Surfaces

    An innovative approach makes our powder coatings especially resistant to external mechanical stress. Yet this does not impair the other technical properties of the powder coatings. Unique quality, unrivalled on the market.

    IGP technology for robust surfaces sustainably protects both the aesthetics and functionality of coated objects. Their high abrasion and scratch resistance makes our powder coatings the first choice for applications in heavy industry and architecture. Furthermore, owners of vehicles and buildings appreciate the remarkable IGP anti-graffiti protection. Surfaces coated with our products benefit from long-term protection and simply shrug off the potentially damaging effects of aggressive chemicals or graffiti-removal agents.

    What’s more, we can tailor many of our powder coating ranges to your specific application with added characteristics such as abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. Simply ask us. We’ll be happy to advise you.