IGP-LivingSurfaces: Bringing Surfaces to Life

A Completely new Dimension: Powder Coatings for Vibrant Surfaces.

Our IGP-LivingSurfaces range sets a new trend in the aesthetics of surfaces. With the powder coatings in this series, you can design surfaces in exciting color compositions with textures that appear to bring them to life.

This inimitable vibrancy is created by optically flowing, seemingly varied surfaces with deliberate, randomly distributed elements such as pigments and effects. IGP-LivingSurfaces opens up a completely new dimension to enhance your façades, metal components, furniture, and design objects.

You can order IGP-LivingSurfaces powder coatings in three surface characteristics: grain texture (fine plaster), wave pattern, and microtexture speckles. All products in the series are highly weather-resistant and suitable for both interior objects as well as exterior applications of any size.

Icon für geschützte Farben von Le Corbusier als Pulverlack: Abzeichen | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
Certified Weathering Category 2
Gloss and Color Quality