IGP-DURA®face 581MU-A0


Facade suitable, effect containing coating powder for fine-structured surfaces, produced with IGP-Effectives® technology for unbeaten material efficiency.

IGP-DURAface 581MU Effectives® is a weather-resistant, effect powder coating for matte, fine-textured surfaces. Manufactured using the patented IGP-Effectives® process, maximum recovery as well as maximum effect and color stability are achieved, even with varying application types and coating parameters.

  • Characteristics
    • Matte
    • Fine texture
    • IGP-Effectives®
    • Standard facade quality,
      1 year Florida > 50% residual gloss
  • Curing conditions
    170 °C15 minutes30 minutes
    180 °C10 minutes20 minutes
    190 °C5 minutes10 minutes
    In order to determine ideal curing conditions, we recommend practical trials with the respective object and curing oven.